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[GENERALE] Legacy nuove con Mirkwood

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MessaggioInviato: Ven Nov 20, 2009 6:55 pm    Oggetto: [GENERALE] Legacy nuove con Mirkwood Rispondi citando

As detailed in the Legendary Items Dev Diary, each class, upon the launch of Siege of Mirkwood™, will have its legacies divided into two Pools. Pool A contains the all-purpose, greatly desired legacies. These appear upon the initial Legendary Item identification and have a small chance to appear during reforges at level 10, 20 and 30. Pool B legacies are more situational and appear only during reforges at levels 10, 20 and 30.

Legacy Tables – Burglar

New or changed legacies are in bold/italics

Main Hand Pool A

* Burglar skill bleed damage multiplier (New)
* Small Snag Cooldown
* Feint Attack Cooldown
* Position Surprise Strike from Stealth
* Surprise Strike Critical Rating
* Cunning Attack Bleed Stack Chance
* Critical Response Skill Damage
* Subtle Stab Critical Multiplier

Main Hand Pool B

* Riddle Range
* Tricks Range (increased)
* Location is Everything Cooldown
* Lucky Strike Cooldown
* Well-placed Strike Cooldown
* Provoke Threat
* Quiet Knife Devastating Critical Buff Duration
* Ready and Able Cooldown

Burglar Tools Pool A

* Gamble Chance
* Skills Critical Multiplier
* Off-hand Critical Chance
* Positional Damage
* Gambler Devastating Critical Buff Duration
* Mischief Maker Devastating Critical Buff Duration
* Addle Cooldown
* Increased Healing from Mischievous Glee (new)
* Tricks Duration (new)

Burglar Tools Pool B

* Pulse Modifier for Glee
* Sneak Movement Speed (cheaper)
* Stealth Level (increased)
* Hide in Plain Sight Cooldown
* Clever Retort Damage and Healing (new)
* Increased Range for Reveal Weakness (new)
* Confound Countdown Duration (new)
* Addle Induction Multiplier (new)

Removed Burglar Legacies
These legacies will no longer appear on new Legendary Items but will stay in place on existing Legendary Items.

Knives Out Defence

Legacy Tables – Captain

New or changed legacies are in bold/italics

Main Hand Pool A

* To Arms Duration
* Kick Cooldown
* Telling Mark Damage
* Devastating Blow Critical Rating
* Pressing Attack Critical Rating
* Melee Skill Power Cost
* Maximum Targets for Pressing Attack (new)
* Morale from Motivating Speech (new)

Main Hand Pool B

* Cry Power Cost (cheaper)
* Tactics: On Guard Parry Rating Buff
* Tactics: Relentless Attack' Critical Rating Buff
* Routing Cry Damage (increased)
* Blade of Elendil Damage (increased)
* Cutting Attack Bleed Damage (cheaper)
* Defensive Strike Armour Buff (increased)
* Increased Duration of Make Haste (new)

Captain’s Emblem Pool A

* Tactics: Focus in-Combat Power Regen Buff
* Healing from Rallying Cry
* Rallying Cry Cooldown
* Valiant Strike Morale Return (new)
* Healing from Strength of Will
* Vocal Skills Healing
* Melee Skills Healing
* Words of Courage Power and Morale Cost (increased cost)

Captain’s Emblem Pool B

* Duration of In Defence of Middle-earth (new)
* Time of Need Cooldown
* Captain's Escape from Darkness Cooldown
* Muster Courage Cooldown (new)
* Time of Need Morale Cost
* Grave Wound Cooldown
* Shield of Dúnedain Cooldown (new)
* Shadow's Lament Cooldown

Removed Captain Legacies
These legacies will no longer appear on new Legendary Items but will stay in place on existing Legendary Items.
War Cry Buff Duration
Healing Threat
Vital Strike Power Cost
Battle Shout Target Resist Rating
Threatening Shout Cooldown

Legacy Tables – Champion
New or changed legacies are in bold/italics

Main Hand Pool A

* Feral/Savage Strikes Damage (new)
* Brutal Strikes Damage (new)
* Relentless Strikes Damage (new)
* Rend Damage
* Wild Attack Damage (new)
* Area of Effect Damage
* Critical Magnitude

Main Hand Pool B

* Sprint Duration
* Increased Rend Armour Reduction (new)
* Sudden Defence Duration
* Reduced Cooldown for Battle Frenzy (new)
* Horn Damage
* Hamstring Duration
* Combat-only Effect Removal Delay

Champion Rune Pool A

* Ardour/Glory Parry and Evade Rating (combined)
* Ardour/Glory Pip Interval (combined)
* Ebbing Ire Cooldown
* Reduced Power Cost for Swift Strike (new)
* Increased Heal for Bracing Attack
* Increased Stun Duration for Champion's Horn
* Blade Line Area Damage Power Cost

Champion Rune Pool B

* Ardour/Glory in-Combat Power Regen (combined)
* Sudden Defense Parry and Evade Rating (combined)
* Adamant/Invincible Duration (new)
* Rising Ire Cooldown
* Heroics Morale Heal chance (increased)
* Rend Pulses
* Fight On Duration (new)
* Increased Range for Hamstring
* Strikes Line Power Cost

Removed Champion Legacies
These legacies will no longer appear on new Legendary Items but will stay in place on existing Legendary Items.

Hedge Skill Duration
Hedge Wound Resistance
Ardour Damage
Glory Damage
Fervour Damage
Blocking Blades Parry Rating

Legacy Tables – Guardian
Legacies with (1h) or (2h) may only appear on appropriate weapons, New or changed legacies are in bold/italics
1h (1-handed) Weapon Pool A

* Overwhelm Critical Rating (new)
* Vexing Blow Damage (new)
* Bash Damage (new)
* Guardian’s Pledge Cooldown (new)
* Guardian’s Ward Duration
* Sweeping Cut Damage
* Whirling Retaliation Damage
* Guardian Area Effect Melee targets

2h (2-handed) Weapon Pool A

* Overwhelm critical rating (new)
* Overpower Power Cost
* Brutal Assault Damage (new)
* Guardian’s Pledge Cooldown (new)
* Guardian’s Ward Duration
* Sweeping Cut Damage
* Whirling Retaliation Damage
* Guardian Area Effect Melee Targets

Weapon Pool B

* Targeted Melee Skills Range
* To the King Damage
* Guardian Bleed Damage (increased)
* Charge Duration
* Warrior’s Heart Duration
* Stamp Cooldown
* Guardian Bleed Pulses
* Turn the tables Cooldown

Guardian Belt Pool A

* Catch a Breath Morale Heal
* Skill Threat
* Cry Resist Chance
* Challenge Targets
* Guardian’s Ward Damage
* Sting Damage
* Guardians Ward Block Rating
* Guardians Ward Parry Rating
* Catch a Breath Cooldown (new)
* Shield Damage

Guardian Belt Pool B

* Guardians Threat Parry and Block Rating (combined)
* Shield Wall Range
* Reactive Block Damage
* Power Restore on Reactions (increased)
* Warrior’s Heart Morale Heal
* Stagger Effect Duration
* Shield Smash Damage
* Increased Block, Parry and Evade from Protection (new)
* Stagger Positional Damage
* Stagger Critical Rating

Removed Guardian Legacies
These legacies will no longer appear on new Legendary Items but will stay in place on existing Legendary Items.

Engage Max Range
Overpower Evade
Stagger Attack Duration
Stagger Movement Speed

Legacy Tables – Hunter
New or changed legacies are in bold/italics

Ranged Weapon Pool A

* Induction Bow Critical Multiplier
* Focus Bow Critical Multiplier
* Ranged Skill Evade Chance Modifier
* Ranged Skill Block Chance Modifier
* Induction Bow Power Cost
* Merciful Shot cooldown (new)
* Focus Bow Power Cost
* Strength Quick Shot Slow
* Quick Shot Critical Rating

Ranged Weapon Pool B

* Ranged Evade Rating
* Distracting Shot Resistance Penetration
* Burn Hot Damage
* Induction Bow Threat
* Focus Bow Threat
* Heart Seeker Damage
* Endurance Quick Shot Threat
* Barbed Arrow Bleed Damage (upgraded)
* Distracting Shot Cooldown

Melee Weapon Pool A

* Melee Critical Multiplier
* Blindside Critical Rating
* Needful Haste Duration
* Beneath Notice Cooldown
* Find the Path Movement Bonus (new)
* Improved Strength Of Earth Morale Regen
* Precision Stance Critical Magnitude (New)
* Area of Effect Skills Maximum Targets (new)

Melee Weapon Pool B

* Desperate Flight Cooldown (new)
* Stealth Detection
* Swift Stroke Parry/Evade Rating Buff (increased)
* Low Cut Bleed Chance
* Agile Rejoinder Heal Chance (increased)
* Melee Critical Rating
* Press Onward Cooldown (new)
* Traited Intent Concentration Power bonus (new)

Removed Hunter Legacies
These legacies will no longer appear on new Legendary Items but will stay in place on existing Legendary Items.

Moving Miss chance
Camouflage Stealth Level
Melee Power Cost
Off-hand Damage

Legacy Tables – Lore-master

Lore-master Book Legacies Pool A

* Beacon of Hope Healing (new)
* Target Tactical Damage Skills Resist Rating
* Target Physical Resist Rating
* Fire Skills Critical Rating
* Wizard's Fire Pulses
* Burning Embers Pulses
* Non-damaging Sign of Power Durations
* Ancient-Craft Targets

Lore-master Book Legacies Pool B

* Target Fire Damage Skills Resist Rating
* Test of Will Devastate Damage
* Duration Curing Skills Resistance (new)
* Inner Flame Healing (increased)
* Fire Damage Over Time
* Bane Flare Targets
* Fire-Lore Targets
* Increased Threat from Sign of the Wild: Rage (new)
* Increased Morale from Sign of the Wild: Protection (new)

Staff Legacies Pool A

* Light of the Rising Dawn Critical Multiplier
* Cracked Earth Range
* Tactical Skills Direct Damage
* Staff Strike Cooldown
* Fire Skills Critical Multiplier
* Light of the Rising Dawn Damage
* Burning Embers Initial Damage
* Increased Power from Share the Power (new)

Staff Legacies Pool B

* Burning Embers Range
* Sticky Gourd Direct Damage
* Gust of Wind Damage
* Ents Go To War Damage
* Lightning Storm Damage
* Test of Will Damage
* Cracked Earth Damage
* Storm Lore Damage
* Lightning Skills Critical Rating (New)

Lore-master Removed Legacies
These legacies will no longer appear on new Legendary Items but will stay in place on existing Legendary Items.

Beacon of Hope Threat

Legacy Tables – Minstrel

Minstrel Songbook Pool A

* Target Ballad Resist Rating
* Healing and Motivation Skills Morale Healing
* Raise the Spirit Healing
* Bolster Courage Healing
* Inspire Fellows Healing
* Ballad of War Magnitude
* Healing Skills Power Cost (New)

Minstrel Songbook Pool B

* Target Song Resist Rating
* Chord of Salvation Cooldown
* Echoes of Battle Resistance Rating Debuff
* Cry of the Chorus Cooldown
* Song of the Dead Cooldown
* Ballad of Unshakable Will Fear Resistance
* Ballad of Flame Fire Defence

Main Hand Weapon Pool A

* Triumphant Spirit Cooldown
* Call to War Skills Resistance Chance
* Piercing Cry Damage
* Call of Oromë Damage
* Soliloquy of Spirit Heal Over Time Pulses
* Rally! Cooldown
* Healing Threat (New)

Main Hand Weapon Pool B

* Call of the Second Age Targets
* Call to Fate Critical Multiplier
* Recovery time Still as Death (New)
* Tier 1 Ballad Damage
* Tier 2 Ballad Damage
* Target Resist Cry of Valar (New)
* Cure Fear Cooldown (new)

Minstrel Legacies Removed
These legacies will no longer appear on new Legendary Items but will stay in place on existing Legendary Items.

Cure Fear Range
Song of Restoration Cooldown
Anthem Damage
Lay of the Hammerhand power per sec cost
Still as Death Duration
Call to the Fellowship Damage and Healing

Legacy Tables – Rune-keeper

Rune-keeper Satchel Pool A

* Distracting Winds Cooldown
* Writ of Health Healing
* Self Motivation Power Return
* Shocking Words Stun Chance
* Pulses Prelude to Hope
* Writ of Fire Damage
* Essence of Flame Damage
* Scribe's Spark Damage

Rune-keeper Satchel Pool B

* Chilling Rhetoric Cooldown
* Frozen Epilogue Cooldown
* Target Shocking Touch Resist Rating
* Do Not Fall This Day Cooldown
* Word of Exaltation Cooldown
* Mending Verse Healing
* Epic for the Ages Healing
* Ceaseless Argument Power Cost

Rune-stone Pool A

* Healing Attuned Skill Power Cost
* Battle Attuned Skill Power Cost
* Fury of Storm Damage
* Fire Skill Damage
* Healing
* Wrath of Flame Damage Over Time
* Healing Over Time

Rune-stone Pool B

* Steady Attuned Skill Power Cost
* Chill of Winter Damage
* Fury of Storm Critical Multiplier
* Vivid Imagery Targets
* Distracting Flame Cooldown
* Target All Skills Resist Rating
* Chill of Winter Debuff Duration
* Glorious Foreshadowing Duration

Rune-keeper Removed Legacies
No Rune-keeper legacies were removed.

Legacy Tables – Warden

Javelin Pool A

* Determination In Combat Morale Regeneration (changed)
* Conservation In Combat Power Regeneration (changed)
* Dark Before Dawn Power Restored
* Celebration of Skill Healing
* Restoration Morale Healed
* Dance of War Evade Rating
* Safeguard Healing
* Heal bonus for Conviction
* Power Safeguard Gambit Line (New)

Javelin Pool B

* Shield Piercer Duration
* Careful Step Duration
* Forced March Max Power Penalty
* Shield Mastery Block Rating
* Resolution Resist Rating
* Ambush and Careful Step Induction
* Reduced To-Hit Movement penalty for Javelin Skills
* Duration Adroit Maneuver (new)
* Duration Warden’s Triumph (new)

Melee Weapon Pool A

* Exultation of Battle Threat
* Mighty Blow Damage
* Wages of Fear Positional Damage
* Recklessness Attack Duration
* Wall of Steel Parry Rating
* Piercing Strike Threat
* Spear of Virtue Threat
* War Cry Threat
* Power Fierce Resolve Gambit Line (new)

Melee Weapon Pool B

* Javelin Toss Range (buffed)
* Ambush Critical Multiplier
* Critical Strike Critical Multiplier
* Spear of Virtue Damage
* Surety of Death Damage Over Time
* Hampering Javelin Duration
* Boar's Rush Critical Rating
* Onslaught Damage
* Power, Power Attack Gambit Line (New)

Removed Warden Legacies
No legacies removed.


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